All scheduled maintenance is carried out in South Africa at Sahara’s main base (KMI Airport) by a dedicated team of qualified and Embraer certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, structural and interior experts. We aim to achieve a high level of quality service while ensuring the timely turnaround of the aircraft.

Our SACAA approved maintenance facility is fully geared up and structured to accommodate a large range of base maintenance services which includes all major required inspections, avionics upgrades and complete interior refurbishment. Minor maintenance and routine checks are carried out at five SACAA approved line station maintenance facilities by the onsite engineer. We also have a Heavy Duty Maintenance facility at KMI which allows the company to perform all heavy engine maintenance and boroscopes in house.

Sahara keeps a comprehensive parts inventory on hand to minimise down time and ensure dispatch reliability. Sophisticated software is used to integrate all processes across our MRO.

Our maintenance department is subjected to regular internal & external safety audits as well as independant audits performed by international aviation audit companies on behalf our clients.